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Something wonderful happens when you combine the sheer power of decentralization, fair tokenomics, innovation, a close-knit community, and love for Bitcoin.


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Why us?

Any blockchain solution’s purpose is to provide what its customers require, which may or may not incorporate specific levels of decentralization. Decentralization can also aid in resource distribution optimization, ensuring that promised services are delivered with improved performance and consistency, as well as a lower risk of catastrophic failure. Tokenomics is a term that describes all of the characteristics of a cryptocurrency token that make it desirable to investors.

An escrow is a legal concept that describes assets or financial instruments held by a third party on behalf of two other parties in the process of which escrow completes a transaction. An escrow account may contain an escrow fee administered by an agent who holds funds or assets until instructed or predetermined contractual obligations are fulfilled. People can keep money, securities, funds, and other assets in escrow.


Humans have always relied on communities to share ideas, collaborate, and align themselves with one another to form a common identity. We aim to do things differently with Bitcoin Fan Club Token. We aspire to build a more inclusive financial future for all of our members, one in which they can not only survive, but thrive. In today’s world, communities are more important than ever in our crypto initiatives.

Blockchain platforms, such as Bitcoin Fan Club Token, are being developed and optimized to give community members the ultimate incentive-quantifiable value. Many projects save a significant portion of their coin supply to reward their users. In that sense, this project is a journey on which our team and our community (you) must work together to build a better future. Projects that let the community participate in the mining process should have a reward structure that is both fair and transparent. To accomplish this, we must march in unison and be guided by our three basic values :



High-end initiatives begin with the genuine, and people are drawn to them because of their dependability. But, as time passes, that attraction fades. Do you know why? Because the same method has been used for so long, user s have become tired of it. As a result, you must contribute creativity to every stage of the project. So, to do something spectacular, you must do unusual things . Paths that have been tried and tested lead to the same old destinations. That’s why, whether it’ s a fundamentally sound token, peer-to-peer games, or any forthcoming seismic developments like the metaverse, you’ll always find us pushing the boundaries of innovation. At every turn, BTCF will be at the forefront of the decentralized finance solution.

The rewards of this innovation will trickle down to all member s of our community , from token holders and speakers to active P2E NFT participants and more.


Crypto as set escrow is an agreement in which crypto as set s are held separately by a third part y until the respective obligations of the contracting parties are fulfilled. The current technical escrow account s we are working with are completely secure while maintaining the dealer’s confidentiality. Crypto as set escrow is an arrangement in which crypto as set s are held separately by a third party until the respective obligations of the contracting parties are fulfilled.

An escrow is a legal concept that describes as sets or financial instrument s held by a third part y on behalf of two other parties in the process of which escrow completes a transaction. An escrow account may contain an escrow fee administered by an agent who holds funds or as set s until instructed or predetermined contractual obligations are fulfilled. People can keep money, securities, funds, and other as set s in escrow.


Bitcoin Fan Club Token provides complete transparency to its users, so you don’t have to be concerned about the security of your data. The information you provide on Bitcoin Fan Club Token is encrypted, and Bitcoin Fan Club Token does not reveal any personal information about its users. Honesty is the foundation upon which all aspects of any relationship are built. However, lack of communication from inventors is a prevalent problem in the crypto world. Deals are made behind closed doors, hidden from the rest of the community. We’re going to turn that pattern on its head by emphasizing communication and transparency throughout the process.

Because having someone at your side is how paper hands, we’ll stroll together, in tandem and hand-in-hand because having someone by your side is how paper hands turn into diamond hands!.



For our customers, Bitcoin Fan Club Token offers a risk-free cryptocurrency platform. Cryptography, decentralization, and under standing standards are all used in our architecture to secure trade trust. Each new square in a cryptographic chain interacts with all prior squares, making it nearly impossible to modify any information you provide on our site.


If the computations are done correctly, every blockchain based system succeeds. The strategy is well-organized, and knowing estimations is a crucial component. To deliver an effective crypto trading experience to it s consumers, Bitcoin Fan Club Token is powered by smart contracts built on blockchain technology .

Network Potential

  • Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are both relatively new concepts. Since the initial release of Bitcoin in 2009, the public’s understanding and acceptance of blockchain and cryptocurrencies have steadily grown.
  • Small change really can make a great effect. $0.25 here $0.75 there it all adds up and before you know it you’ve amassed a good chunk of little change a month. To put it another way, a small amount of money can make a great difference.
  • On a similar point, governments around the world are rapidly experimenting with Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), indicating a considerable interest in digital currencies in general. We found that 85% of poll respondents own, use, or have heard of decentralized digital currency (such as a cryptocurrency), indicating greater public awareness



Total Supply


5% of every buy/sell is taken and redistributed Automatically to all holders. Hold Bitcoin Fan Club tokens, earn Bitcoin. A Minimum of 200,000 tokens is required in order to receive rewards.

Fan Club Token Distribution













Bitcoin Fan Club Fee Structure


Auto Reward


Auto Liquidity


Auto Burn






1% (Sales Only)

The Road to Financial Freedom

Phase 1: Ascension(Q2, 2022)

Token Launch

Open the gates to our ecosystem with the launch of Bitcoin Fan Club Token (BTCF)

Online Listings

Secure listings on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and other token tracking sites

Time to Buzz

Launch a 360-degree marketing campaign by integrating influencer partnerships, content and news articles, social media campaigns, and other avenues to bring more eyeballs to BTCF.

Phase 2: Expansion(Q2/Q3, 2022)


Staying true to our commitment to innovation, we’ll allow other creators to tap into our resources and launch next-gen projects. Our community will serve as a springboard that brings truly powerful projects to life!

Exchange Listings

Expand the BTCF token to premier decentralized finance exchanges to provide a seamless trading experience to users of those exchanges. This will naturally uplift the value of tokens for all holders, especially early buyers.


Phase two will usher in a new era of our marketing campaign. By optimizing based on the results from previous campaigns, we’ll craft and execute new strategies to put these latest offerings on the radar of a global audience.

Phase 3: Intergalactic Voyage (Q3/Q4, 2022)

Unveil P2E NFT

Take the curtains off of our own P2E NFT project to show the world what our community of united and passionate members can do.

Investment Options

Introduce passive investment options with the launch of BTCF staking and investment pools. Expect to get industry-leading returns backed by a sustainable ecosystem.

Advanced Marketing

At this stage, we’ll have much and more to share with the world. As
human attention is fleeting at best, we’ll continue to bubble-up fresh marketing ideas and keep all our projects front and center for wide audiences.

You Decide

You’ll get a chance to raise your voice and shape the future of our ecosystem by suggesting ideas across a range of categories. We’ll combine community suggestions with our internal planning to unveil brand-new projects that will define the next phases of this evolving project.